We fix, service, build, and tune-up every brand and type of E-Bike. We have experienced mechanics who ride and fix E-Bikes every day. Our team has seen it all. Most often, and E-Bike owners know this already, the brakes should be better. We know how to make your bike safer and make brake noise go away. Please come on in, and we’ll look over your bike for free. We'll discuss with you how best to improve your E-Bike, and get it done.

  • Safer Brakes: Upgrade

    We increased the size of the front rotor to 203mm and the rear to 180mm; now, this is a much safer bike.

  • Super 73: Tune-up and Brakes

    E-Bike owners know brakes or lack of brakes are a serious issue; our mechanics are experts at all E-Bike repairs.

  • Need Your E-Bike For Work?

    We fix it all and fast. We're open every day from 10 AM

    to 8 PM

  • Customize Your Bike

    We'll take the time to help you make your bike into your bike.