Services: We Fix All Bikes and E-Bikes Too.

Have you been riding your bike and you know it needs a little TLC? Has your bike been in storage? Do you have a race or are you new to biking? Then please, visit us.  At Bike and Spin, we'll look at your bike with you and give it a full inspection for free.  We'll explain what we think needs to be done and answer your questions. 

We've inspected and fixed thousands of bikes over the years.  The tires on your bike might need a little air or your bike may need a simple tune-up or an overhaul where we make your bike like new.  While our team has years of experience, what really counts is that we care, and we're looking to build a long term relationship where you can trust us.  Our driving philosophies are to do the right thing, make sure your bike is safe, and to be a better business every day.  Thanks, John PS - Please see below for a general list of services.

  • General:

    Flat Fix, Safety Check, New Tires, Fix Brakes (brakes making noise)?

    Need Shifting Fixed?

    Fix up a bike that's been in a garage for years or purchsed on facebook marketplace?

    New chain, bar tape and grips, brake pads.

    Brake or Gear Adjustment?

  • Bike Build (E-Bikes as well)

    We build all bikes. Children's and adult's. Old and new.

    We build bikes purchased online. Make it simple and have your new bike delivered to us directly.

    We'll pack your bike for a race or vacation.

    Have you just moved to the area? We'll build your bike.

    Do you need a box, just call and we'll give you one for free.

  • Wheels

    Bent wheel? Broken Spokes.

    We true wheels and replace spokes every day.

    New Race wheels. We'll help you get them right.

    Wheel Retentioning

    Wheel Build

  • Rentals

    Rentals are available! Please contact us (718) 440-9222 for more information.

    We rent very nice bikes. In fact, most are new. We won't rent you a bike that might break while you're trying to enjoy the day. Plus, we'll make sure the bike fits you properly.

  • Fitting: Is your bike comfortable?

    We take great pride in making sure your bike is very comfortable to ride. Please come on in, and we'll work with you to make things right. We promise.

  • Child Safety:

    We have a large selection of the safest children's helmets you can buy. These helmets all have MIPS!

    We will help you pick the "Right" bike for your child, and we have a great selection of sizes and colors.

    We also carry "Balance Bikes."